Wonderful Bangkok

Wonderful Bangkok

Travel to Thailand you will find yourself captured between culture , people , food , beaches , mountains and one of the best cities in SE Asia , Bangkok .

Euro Asia BT Philosophy


The demeanour of a 君子 who is both noble of character and proficient in his trade relies on one’s centre of calm to train one’s mind and body, and one’s ability to be frugal to train one’s character. It is not possible to clearly establish one’s goals without letting go of such notions of fame and glory; nor is it possible to achieve grand aspirations without firstly possessing a calm mind and body.



jūn zǐ zhī xíng,jìng yǐ xiū shēn,jiǎn yǐ yǎng dé,fēi dàn bó wú

yǐ míng zhì,fēi níng jìng wú yǐ zhì yuǎn。《jiè zi shū》


Irrigators channel waters,
Fletchers straighten arrows,
Carpenters shape wood,
The Wise, master themselves.


Fletchers ตรงลูกศร;




That the person I’m thinking of be healthy and live a life of

longevity, that no distance shall separate our thoughts of each other.


dàn yuàn rén cháng jiǔ,qiān lǐ gòng chán juān。《shuǐ diào gē tóu》

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